Successful performance often comes down to learning how and when to apply the appropriate strategies. This can be taught and learnt. This is for anyone who would like to explore their maximal potential. As a Performance Psychologist and Consultant, I apply an approach that combines research and experience in order to accurately identify how clients might best reach their full potential. I have worked with organisations across sectors and  individuals in performing arts, sports and public speaking professions. More details can be found below.

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  • PhD Performance Psychology

  • MSc Applied Psychology

  • MSc Performance Science 

  • Dip Coaching & Mentoring 

  • Dip Speech & One-Person Theatre

  • BMus (Hons) Performance

  • Cert Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Training (CBT)

  • Safeguarding in Education & First Aid at Work (Renewed annually)

  • Detailed CV, CPD, publications and references are available upon request. Please note client confidentiality is taken very seriously and individual names of clientele will not be communicated.​

Experience & content

  • Human Performance Consultancy 

  • Performance Psychology Training (public and private organisations & group-based interventions)

    • Productivity, Persuasion & Communication

    • Psychological Skills Training (focus under pressure, resilience, maintaining composure, planning, imagery,...)

  • Performance Psychology Coaching (Public Speaking Professions, Sports and Performing Arts domains)

    • Including improvisation, speech fluency, movement, expression, projecting authenticity & postural control...

  • Classroom and personal tuition for academia and performance (2008+)

Common Performance-related issues have included:

  • Productivity & Procrastination

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Communication, Voice & Speech issues

  • Memorisation difficulties

  • Career & performance-related stress

  • Organisational and systemic problems

  • Dissatisfaction over achievements

  • Issues with Self-Control

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Counterproductive Perfectionism

  • Inappropriate goal setting & evaluation

  • Lifestyle issues

  • Preparation problems & selecting the wrong 'type' of prep for a specific issue.

  • Misunderstanding the origins of a performance problem

  • Inefficient learning strategies

  • Difficulty managing physical effects of anxiety on the voice and body

  • Inappropriate focus

  • Suboptimal channeling of arousal


How does this work?

I work as an evidence-based performance psychology practitioner and consultant with additional experience with various performance disciplines. I consider each case on an individual basis and provide a personalised quote. Fees vary considerably depending on whether the expertise required is purely psychological or also includes physical preparation (e.g., speech prep and improvisation practice - which can last much longer than an hour) or performance analysis and assessments (e.g., consultancy within organisations and teams). Most Individual Clients prefer to meet in person and often in their performance environment (e.g., office, theatre,...), home or a counselling/practice room in Central London. Flat rates are available to regular clients. 


Although performance and performer wellbeing coaching can have a therapeutic effect, it is not traditional ‘talk therapy’. This doesn't mean you should expect a drill sergeant! I wholeheartedly believe in offering every organisation and client  positive regard and undivided attention, yet the focus remains on solutions, goals and results. The interaction is 'friendly', yet content and delivery are geared towards achieving your performance goals. This also means clients are not necessarily required to talk about traumatic past experiences; the focus is on the future and strategic approaches. Clients typically aim to identify problems and solutions together and work towards improvement on a performance or performer wellbeing-related issue. I want clients to leave the first session feeling better, more informed and knowing what to do until the next session. This way every session can allow for incremental improvements and the client can learn how to apply strategies, integrate the skills, and problem-solve autonomously. My approach is concerned with emotion, yet is also analytical, solution-focused, goal-driven, and performance-oriented, depending on the person and situation. If your request falls outside my expertise, I will refer you to a colleague or other professional who is more suited to deal with your request. 

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